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$Cash where does ity all come from$?????

I just ask myself where the he’ll does all that money come from?? 

How do they all get that cash? I know if your like me or my so many fans and friends we work every day just to get by week to week or month to month your like saying it also. How do they do it?

We all know money bags goes into office soon so look for your pockets to fill ahhh! We all wish and dream kinda alike don’t we?  Well ya all take care love you all      ug

Where’s the shocker for this dog!!

Every time she takes off! She just runs doesn’t listen just runs and runs, you haft to go to the extent  of getting the car and drive and she almost gets hit by the car, tell she gets tired and hops in after numerous times of calling her or she blisters he feet! 

Maybe we’ll get with it and get one of these to train her better, not saying she’s a bad dog just hasent been trained correctly.

When you don’t have the time other issues in life block what needs be done. 

I know she can’t be kept in at all times she loves outside and we let her be outside as much as can be, when the bad weather and what not she hast to stay in but when someone stops in and is slow at the door the she jets out of off!

I just don’t want her killed by a car or even taken away so that’s why I’m looking toward one of these I feel it just might be the best solution. Take care we love you all!

Brother Ug,



I don’t ever want to leave!

Ya know each time I haft to come back to Chicago and leave southern IL it really hurts my heart, I don’t ever want to leave my wife Tammy she gives me what I need until I die! And Lilly belle Pearcy boy and shay shay when the rain comes falling down I’ll be there I’ll be the one ! When I come off these troubled roads and when I die a little and pack these years in a bag that I carry on my back . I really don’t have a choice when I comes to money for us, it just hard to work find time and money to get on the train but just a couple of days are worth it just every second back home is just so worth it! I’m all ready planing for my next trip maybe in 3 to 4 week I shure hope it’s 3, I brought this disc with me to listen to and I think of my wife, she really not hip on the cd but if she’d only listen it she would then know what I get from them and there tunes 

  So I’m here back in Chicago and tomorrow I’ll be back to work at Ford assembled plant making our living it can only get better! well ya all I just wanted to write a little today while I had a little time because it’s been a minute since I did some WordPress so if someone reads it great if not its just another day and I don’t hate ya for it!

Just always remember I’m here for ya and I love you all.  Cary j aka brother Ug  buttugly

I Ride The CTA

Yea I ride the cta every day

Do I like it?

Not really but I haft to ride it

Where does it take me you ask?

Where ever I need to go

Sometimes I see homeless 

Or someone ask for change

But I still ride the CTA 

Where ever I go

If I had a car would it change 

My mind

I don’t think so

I can’t beat $2.50 a ride and .50

A transfer

So I will still ride the CTA

When I own a car

It’s kinda a pain being in the 

Snow and rain waiting on the CTA

To the 95th or to forest park 

It will take me where I nee to go

Even on the 34

Could be a little walk

But the stop is just up ahead

The drivers helpful along your way

And there pretty much on time


So click up your bike 

Load up your bags

Make a new friend you never had

Do how I told you 

If you come up here

Get your pass today!

And you can ride the CTA!!!

Here’s  one of my poems!

Big Wheel

I made it around the corner,

turning left, I pedalled my legs off,

and I remember my legs were like butter
But it didn’t matter. I had to make it

back to my nana and paw-paw in Mahomet.

That long journey from Tolono,

I’m on Route 45. I’m makin’ tracks now

on my big wheel
Blue with all the decals and mag wheels,

the day was hot,

sweating off my brow.

I wiped off my brow with the sleeve

of my white tee
And I just kept on peddlin’.

I could see myself going over

that old bridge and turning

into their old circle driveway,

I just had to make it.
Then I heard,

Beep, beep. “Hey, son. Pull it over!”

I looked over my shoulder

and saw the cherries and the blueberries.

“Where you going boy?”
“To my nana and paw-paw’s house.”

Is there a law against that?

“Well, we can’t have it on my highway,”

he said, load me up, and took me away.

I was six.

It was my first arrest.

Brother Ug aka Buttugly

Here I go again!

Some times I feel work hinders me putting something down, some writing, I’m more of writer of my music, that I’ve been doing for around 30 yrs, and sometimes i get blocked out of putting down something that’s good I mean that’s really good! Something that someone wants to read or hear, I could jot down some words some scribbles like most of the bands or writers I grew up with doing the same craft I work with, I can say that a few are really awsome at what they do or have achieved in there skills in writing lyrics like I do my self, and most just kick it out just to get as much out as they can put out and it’s shit! I just haft to be a little truthful there ya know  or I wouldn’t be true to what I’m doing or trying to achieve in my writing skills. In my time I written for small independent publishers like this one from my home town bu my review wasn’t to hot so I smoked out on it and dident kick anymore  out.

Mostly poetry and some public writing to be herd in the community I grew up and was living back then. To my self I thought my stuff was decent but did they? (I don’t know) but isn’t tha the way it always is you feel you did decent work but the reviews just weren’t there! Then I did a little interview on the local independent radio and was heard which I felt which was pretty cool.

To day you can read my art here which I will be posting in the near future or listen in on me here At skumrox65@soundcloud.com

I’ll get more out here in the future and remember I love you all!  Brother Ug aka Buttugly